Thursday, April 23, 2009

I totally forgot about my blogger!

So, I haven't posted a blog in months. Actually, I think the last one was right before the wedding.....and with Facebook being my main source of Internet communication, I wonder if this is even worth it? But, I will give it another shot.
Jump forward 6 months from my last post and it is now April and we are finally starting to see signs of Spring!!! Woooo Hoooo! I cannot express how happy I am to feel warm air and see the sun shining bright. Maybe it's time I add a few more sunglasses to my collection...
Anyways, when Matt & I bought our house last July, one major thing was missing. A deck! So that being our next project, I will be sure to post pictures of that once it gets started. Matt has his heart set on getting it started ASAP, but with his busy schedule, I don't see how he thinks he can squeeze this in.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well, well, well....

Now the time REALLY has come.........with only 4 days away from our BIG day, I must say that I am quite calm, considering....It was definetly nice to have today off today and I guess I should say yesterday as well, since I went to Chicago to pick up my dress!!!! That was an adventure, talk about being paranoid with precious cargo!!! Anyways, today I went to Studio 690 to get an eyebrow wax, all-around pedicure, full highlight, manicure, and cut and blow dry and 5 hours later I was at my parents house enjoying a nice steak dinner with my Grandparent's from South Florida (even though I should have just had salad) now I have been home for a bit now staring at my closet trying to decide what to pack for this weekend. I don't understand how I can so easily pack for a honeymoon we are taking a week from today, but I can't seem to get anything together for a 4 day weekend???

Well surprisingly enough, that is all I really have to say except, Goodnight and I am glad I have a limo coming to pick me and my dress up on Thursday AM so I don't have to figure out a way to transport it again! See you all on Saturday!!!!!! xoxo

Monday, October 6, 2008

Holy Shit

12 days and counting,, you remember my posts when it was in the hundreds????? I feel like I could rant and rave for hours about my thoughts but, ,I won't bore you with that........I'm not so much nervous about getting married as the "whole" walking down the aisle...............THAT is where I start to think, OMG......what if I fall ,what if people think I look ugly??? But then I realized, it's not about about what they think or if I fall(hopefully not), but how I think and feel about everything and I think and feel GREAT and can't wait to walk down that aisle and marry the man of my dreams (even though he might be a farmer) :) Toodles till then !!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Okay, if you scroll down to one of my previous posts from is titled 232 days and counting. Can you believe that now we only have 44 days, 15 hrs and 35 minutes until the big day???????????????????????????????????????? Thanks for the countdown timer Jen!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ok, Ok.....

So I know it has been a while since my last blog, almost 5 months to be exact! But with working 7 days a week since my last blog and finalizing wedding plans, lets just say I have been a little busy! Just wanted to let everyone know I was still alive and kicking........more posts to come soon......

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The weekend is finally here.

I know I have been slacking on my blogging since I have been down here in Texas. Work is pretty busy and honestly I just don't have much to blog about these days!

Brian and Ania finally made it in late last night. They were originally supposed to land at 10:39 well that turned into 11:00, then 11:15 and when I was about to leave I thought I better check, just in case, low and behold they were now not landing until 12:06am! It was hard enough to stay up until 10:36 and it was now WAY past my bed time! But, I am happy that they landed safe and sound. I knew I would be sluggish this morning at work, but going to Mexico today after work is keeping me perked up! Apparently things across the border are still not quite as safe as it should be, so we opted to go over this afternoon rather than tonight. Well, I think what I was waiting for is FINALLY coming through the fax.......So Im out!

I just tried to add the pictures, but for some reason I cant move the, oh well!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I guess I have a few things to write about now........

I made it to Texas this past Friday, surprisingly. I think I was the last flight to get out of O'hare that day due to the unexpected blizzard that was vastly approaching........a part of me was wishing my flight had gotten canceled so that I could spend one more weekend home, but I guess I was destined to spend it in Texas. My brother and Ania were supposed to fly in that night but there 7pm flight was canceled at 9am.......they attempted to go stand by on the Noon flight, but no such luck there either. I was kind of bummed bc I was all excited to go to Arturo's with them on Saturday and drink Margaritas all day and get sloppy! Trust me, it doesn't take many, no matter how big your tolerance is! Thankfully, they will be here on the 4th and we can just make up for lost time then.........

Well that is really all I have to say for now, lame I know, but I haven't really done anything to exciting since I have been down here, except shop, but that is no news to anyone who knows me!